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About Central Library

The College Central Library is a vast store house of knowledge with over 20,000 books. Apart from these there is also Online resources for the departments of CSE, IT, ECE,EEE, CIVIL, MECH and MBA. 15 International and 45 National Journals for Engineering departments by leading authors and publishers in printed version is available. It is updated every year with addition of latest books.The Library is fully automated with bar coding facilities for acquring, processing and transactions of books and other resources there by facilitating easy search and retrivel, The Library also has facility of Searching books and journals by using Online Public Access Catalogue(OPAC). While the Library issues 3 books for each student, the toppers of every class can avail 6 additional books from the library.

Department Library


About Department Library

Each department has a department library to cater the needs of the faculty and students for text books and references. Each department has about 5,000 books and journals. Students are allowed to access the internet.In case of needing any information regarding their subject-related queries or project works, they all are allowed to use our Internet during working hours.The Library has a collection of over 600 CDs/ DVD's on different subjects. Students can rent it for free and must return it before the date of due.

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