Students Benefits

Keeping in mind about the welfare of the students studying in JEPPIAAR SRR Engineering College, the management is always keen in introducing several significant benefits for the betterment of students.


  • The College has signed MOU with INFOSYS, WIPRO, ACCENTURE, and CSC; to have a collaborative network with Campus and Industry as well as Education and Employment.
  • The tie-up programme with corporate industries like INFOSYS SEMINARS and CAMPUS CONNECT helps in better placements.
  • The selected students are entitled for WIPRO from SRR and other colleges are entitled to take up THE WIPRO SEMINARS by staff of SRR to equip their skills.
  • Arrangements are made with CSC to receive COIN PROJECTS for the meritorious students of final year. This enables the students to have a rich industrial exposure while studying.
  • Students are facilitated to receive funded projects from TNSC and IIT.
  • The College motivates the students to Excel in studies to receive University Ranks thereby encouraging and honoring the University Rank Holders with a GOLD COIN every year.
  • The College stimulates the consistency of proficiency in studies by giving CASH AWARDS and MERIT CERTIFICATES to the semester toppers and overall toppers.
  • To cultivate regularity in student’s mind 100% ATTENDANCE AWARD is given to the 100% attendance holders.
  • To promote the innovate skills in students SOFTWARE CREATORS AWARD is introduced.
  • To persuade overall growth in curricular, extra-curricular and co-curricular activities, " ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE AWARD" is given to the department which fulfills the requisites in Academics, Cultural, Sports, Placement, Projects and Discipline.
  • Patriotism is cultivated in the Students mind by encouraging them to take part in NSS and NCC and the best volunteers are glorified with THE BEST NSS VOLUNTEER AWARD and THE BEST NCC CADDET AWARD by the college as well as by the NSS Wing and NCC Wing of Anna University.
  • A SPECIAL TRAINING PROGRAMME for the ECE students by AICET in collaboration with BSNL is arranged and the students are certified by BSNL. This training is given absoluetly free of charge.
  • GUEST LECTURES are frequently conducted to ensure the in-depth knowledge.
  • INDUSTRIAL VISITS are organized with respect to their department to encompass practical knowledge.
  • The college has developed an ONLINE PLACEMENT TEST PROGRAMME which supports students to have a thorough experience to take up any interview- tests conducted online.
  • QUALITIVE IMPROVEMENT CELL is created in collaboration with IIT BOMBAY initiated by ANNA UNIVERSITY, through which the quality of the student’s performance is assessed and the students are duly certified.
  • Students are introduced to the different arena in higher studies in India and abroad and the pre-requisites of the competitive exams like GATE, TOFEL, and IELTS for the same are exposed.
  • To fecilitate the healthy team-spirit, Intra-department technical competitions are conducted
  • MOTIVATION CLASSES are conducted to groom the students emotionally strong to compete in their endeavors.
  • Due attention is given to the students from Tamil Medium base through the SPOKEN ENGLISH classes conducted at regular intervals.
  • BEC-(Business English Certificate) courses are conducted in collaboration with BRITISH COUNCIL LIBRARY which improves the student’s efficiency in English Language.
  • TECHNICAL CLASSES in collaboration with NIIT are conducted which improves the student’s proficiency in technical subjects.
  • PLACEMENT CLASSES are conducted to help the students to face any interviews with ease.
  • SPECIAL CLASSES are conducted especially in Maths and English exclusively for the hostel students and Tamil medium students after college hours.
  • SPECIAL CLASSES are conducted for the lateral entry students to cope with syllabus effortlessly.
  • COACHING CLASSES are conducted for arrear students.
  • TIPS TO WRITING EXAMINATION is given to improve student’s presentation skills in the examination.
  • TIPS ON EXAM PAPERS is given after correcting the answer scripts so as to avoid mistakes in future and improve on the essentials.
  • TIPS TO ATTEND PLACEMENT is given to increase the confidence level in students to face interviews.
  • Students are trained to present paper in inter and intra college symposiums and TIPS FOR PRESENTATION is given to present papers in the best way.
  • PRE-ASSESSMENT EXAMINATIONS are conducted periodically to perform better in university examinations.
  • EXAM MARKS AND ATTENDANCE ARE POSTED to parents by post or through SMS to know the performance of their wards in studies and in the attendance
  • QUESTION BANKS AND IMPORTANT QUESTIONS are given to get good results.
  • Resources from library can be utilized by all students. ADDITIONAL BOOKS beyond the limit will be given to the class toppers.
  • Apart from print resources students can make use of the INTERNET FACILITY.
  • Through PARENTS/STUDENTS LOGIN SYSTEM both parents and students can view the required details.

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